Joshua Seth is now available to appear at anime and comic-con conventions around the world.

As as a guest of honor he can participate in the following activities:

• Autograph signings
• Animation panel (or solo presentation) with audience Q&A
• Live comedy hypnosis or mindreading show as a special evening event!

The Voice of Some of the Most Popular Anime Characters Ever..

Just A Few Of Joshua Seth's Anime Voice Over Characters

Just A Few Of Joshua Seth’s Anime Voice Over Characters: From Digimon to Akira

Joshua Seth is the voice of Tai on Digimon, Tetsuo in Akira, Chaos in Xenosaga, Hige in Wolfs Rain, Shobu in Duel Masters, Cyborg 009 in Cyborg Soldier 009, Young Knives in Trigun, Lord Dio in Last ExileElk in Arc The Lad, etc etc. The list goes on and on. If you’re a fan of anime you know who he is. Joshua’s even voiced  in the Spongebob Squarepants Movie!

Joshua was the voice of many of the most well known and well loved characters in Anime including:

• Tai in Digimon
• Tetsuo in Akira
• Elk in Arc the Lad
• Hige in Wolf’s Rain
• Chaos in Xenosaga
• Shobu in Duel Masters
• Young Knives in Trigun
• 009 in Cyborg Soldier 009
• Lord Dio Eraclea in Last Exile
• And roles in Cowboy Beebop, Batman, and The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (among many others)

What Joshua Can Do For You:

• Perform either his live comedy hypnosis show or mind reading show at an evening event

• Do a Q&A panel

Signatures and Photos


When Joshua Seth does an animation panel at your con, it’s much more than just audience Q&A. He tells the  story of how he went from growing up around cows and cornfields in a small town in Ohio – to voicing some of the most popular Anime characters ever – to burning out from the pressure and leaving Hollywood – to reinventing himself as a live performer and touring the world! It’s motivational, it’s inspirational, and it’s all true.


Joshua Seth performs over 100 dates a year as a Comedy Hypnotist & Mentalist. His “HypnoMental” Comedy Hypnosis Show is a powerhouse tour-de-force of high-energy hypnosis like you’ve never sen before. Men give birth to space aliens, babies then rap in Japanese, while the ladies drag race and pick up their dream dates for starters. Imagine hundreds of people packed wall-to-wall in one of the most unique and memorable events at your con.

Or, have Joshua perform his psychological illusion show, where minds are read, predictions come true, and imaginations are put to the test. As seen by millions on live TV in Japan and South Korea and at hundreds of college campuses!



Video from Joshua’s Japanese TV Specials

Video from one of Joshua’s College Shows

Video from Kent State Anime Club Show

Joshua’s Stage Hypnosis Show Demo Video

Joshua’s Beyond Belief Mindreading Show