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Yes, he’s “that” Joshua Seth…

Joshua Seth is the voice of some of the most popular Anime characters of all time and has been heard on over 65 animated TV series and Movies as well as hundreds of commercials and literally thousands of promos. Even if you’ve never seen Joshua perform live you’ve definitely heard his voice!

Joshua’s unique voice caught the attention of casting directors back in the late 90s and he soon became one of the busiest voice-over actors in Hollywood.

Millions of kids grew up listening to Joshua as the starring role  of “Tai”, the leader of the Digimon, in “Digimon: The Movie” as well as on the #1 daily cartoon series on the Fox network. He soon followed up that success as the starring voice of Cartoon Network’s “Dual Masters”.

Other starring animation roles include: “Cyborg Soldier 009″ on the Cartoon Network show of the same name, “Spencer” on the hit ABC Family show “Tokyo Pig”, and “Hige” on Cartoon Network’s “Wolf’s Rain”, and “Sparky” on Nickelodeon’s “Speed Racer”.

To adult fans of animation, he’s best known as the villainous voice of “Tetsuo”, the starring role in the animated masterpiece, “Akira” (2001). Joshua also voiced the evil “Young Knives” in “Trigun” and the heroic “Elk” in “Arc the Lad”.

Joshua's also the voice behind hundreds of commercials. He was the voice of Tower Records and has been heard nationwide on numerous ads for Disneyland, America Online, Mountain Dew, Coors Light, Pacific Bell, Ford, Universal Studios, Verizon, 7-11, Mitsubishi, and Taco Bell, to name but a few.

As a promo announcer, Joshua was the voice of the Kids WB Saturday morning programming block. the Kids WB's Aftertoons Show block, and the Saturdays: Unleashed block on the WB.

In 2005 Joshua voiced various roles in The Spongebob Squarepants Movie and then left Hollywood to go on tour with his live one-man stage shows. The live tour continues to this day.

Commercial Demo

As heard on hundreds of national TV and Radio commercials.

The voice of Tower Records.

Promo Demo

As heard on thousands of promos.

The voice of Kids WB.

Animation Demo

As heard on 64 animated TV shows and movies.

The voice of your childhood.

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